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About Us

About Us

Since 1986, AIRMASTER has operated in the Middle East and the subcontinent.

Over the decades it has engaged in the manufacturing of quality air outlet products for the air-conditioning industry.

The Company, AIRMASTER was established in the year 1992 in Bangalore and also has production facilities in Chennai, Mumbai, Noida and UNIT-II in Bangalore to manufacture HVAC equipments in India.

With a vision to become the leader in the manufacturing and supply of grilles, diffusers, registers, louvers and GI Accessories. Now Airmaster has an international presence, manufacturing and supplying air outlets and inlets, to various countries. Our commitments to the clients are supported by high quality standards based on continuous improvement and development.

AIRMASTER has also diversified its business into UPVC Window and Door manufacturing and LED Lighting Project Supply & Consultancy.

Airmaster products are designed and tested in accordance with the following standards:

  • ANSI / ASHRE 70 -1991 “Method of testing for rating the performance of air outlets and inlets.

  • ADC Test code 1062GRD84 “Test code for Grilles, registers and diffusers.

  • ISO 3741 “Acoustic determination of sound power levels of noise sources in Reverberation rooms”.

  • ISO 5219 “Air distribution and air diffusion – Laboratory Aerodynamic Testing and Rating of Air Terminal Devices”.

  • AIRMASTER GI products are manufactured according to SMACNA & DW 142 HVAC standards.

At AIRMASTER our progressive growth is attributed to the hands on approach by the top management in all aspects of commercial and technical Management.

A highly Trained Workforce, led by our Experienced Managers and engineers ensures delivery of quality engineered products to meet the clock-work schedules of our customers.

Not content with resting on our laurels, air master has actively sought and achieved international quality bench marks. It also has the system of third party appraisals for air master products. This has ensured consistent quality of our deliverables.