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Decorative Grilles

Model- AMDG


Frame: High quality extruded aluminium profile with 25mm flange width as standard and 12, 30mm flange widths as optional.

Core: Core is made up of aluminium sheet, machined to the desired design patterns required by the customer. 2 to 3 mm thick.

Damper frame and blades:High quality extruded aluminium profiles with black matt finish. Natural aluminium finish as option..

Product Description

Decorative Grilles and diffusers are uniquely designed to match the aesthetic requirements of the building/room. It is generally a preferred product in traditional malls/souk, villas, luxury hotels and palaces to match the architecture and the theme.

Decorative grilles and diffusers are available in any width and length and also available in curved shapes for installation on the ceiling. Decorative patterns can be cut on aluminium, G.I and stainless steel as per customer’s choice. The finishings available are powder coating, mill finish, mirror and chrome finishing. The decorative designs cut using water jet and laser cutting machines gives us the flexibility to match customer requirements in design, material and finishing.

Apart from the patterns shown below,  we have created custom designs as per client’s choice to suit the unique style of interiors. Decoratives grilles and diffusers are available with vertical rear blades and black matt finish damper as options.


The application af AIR MASTER grilles has been extended from the comfort conditioning field to the aesthetic aspects of the environment they are used. AIR MASTER has developed a new generation of grilles,which can be adopted for any professional area with aethetic preference.

AIR MASTER decorative grilles are designed for the mordern interior layouts and guaranteed for an unparalleled beauty and brilliance backed up with perfect technology.

So, eventully it serves the dual purpose of interior decoration and air conditioning on its own. The decorative grilles are manufactured and supplied at affordable prices.


  • The frame is of high quality extruded aluminium profiled construction with the advantages of corrosion resistance and rigidity.
  • The core will be the heart of the decorative grille and it is pressed aluminium sheet 3mm thickness as standard. The required designs are cut by using the most advanced laser technology.
  • Foam gasket is sealed around the back of the frame as option to avoid air leakage.
  • Optional Accessory: The decorative grilles are rigidly fixed with opposed blade damper by grippers. Damper blade is operated from the face opening

Download catalogue using the link above and refer pages 12 – 14 for more details