Bint Beef

Displacement Diffuser


Product Description

Displacement ventilation is an efficient method to distribute air as compared to the overhead air distribution system. The cool air from the outlet spreads across the floor only rising after it comes into contact with a heat source such as human. The heated air thus rises exits the room and is replaced by cool fresh air from below.  As the heated air is exhausted via opening at ceiling level, it removes any contaminants or pollutants present in the occupied space where by indoor air quality is improved.

Studies have shown that displacement ventilation has impact on energy savings as only the occupied zone is cooled unlike conventional mixing ventilation where all areas are cooled by discharging air at higher velocity.

Product Features:

  • 360º/180º air distribution pattern.
  • Low noise.
  • No visible joints.
  • Aesthetic appearance/architecturally appealing.
  • Shapes to suit interior design.
  • Removable face plate.
  • Circular air inlet for efficient air distribution.
  • Can add more if necessary.


  • Face plate – Perforated GI/SS/MS/Aluminium.
  • Thickness – 16 Ga to 22 Ga depending upon diameter and height of the displacement diffuser.

Technical data:

  • Air volume: From 50 L/s to 1500 L/s.
  • Noise levels: Between 20 db to 35 db.
  • Free Area: 20% to 30% depending uon perforated pattern.

Product Description:

  • The Air Master displacement diffuser is designed to achieve thermal comfort, efficient ventilation and improve indoor air quality.
  • The distribution unit can be constructed in cylindrical, semi-cylinderical, triangular, rectangular, square shapes to suit the interior design.
  • The air inlet connection can be circular or rectangular and be located either at the top or bottom of the diffuser.
  • The diffuser can be constructed with fixed vertical vanes to restrict the direction flow or adjustable horizontal vanes to control the air velocity, as option.
  • Accessories: Mounting base/plate