Bint Beef

Pressure Independent VAV    



  • Casing: High quality galvanized steel sheet of 0.9 mm thickness
  • Airflow sensor: Multipoint differential pressure flow grid
  • Actuator: 0-10 V, Modulating actuator.
  • Acoustic Media: Interior surface of unit casing is acoustically and thermally lined with ½ inch, 32 kg/m³ density glass fibre with high density facing. UL listed and meets NFPA 90A and UL 181.
  • Transformer: Step-down transformer, 240-24 V
  • Thermostat: 0-10V, Analog or Digital

Product Description

• Pressure Independent VAV Unit has one primary air inlet, one rectangular discharge outlet to the room and one rectangular bypass discharge outlet.

• VAV Capacities range from 40– 4000 CFM in 7 sizes.

• Units are tested by ETL Intertek in accordance with AHRI Standards 880-2011,“Performance Rating of Air Terminals” And ASHRAE 130-2008,“Methods of Testing Air Terminal Units”.

• Factory calibrated to job requirements.

• Equipped with high quality multi-point differential pressure flow grid for accurate air flow measurement.

• Integral sound attenuator provides excellent noise control. In case of lower noise control, additional sound attenuator can be provided.

• Conveniently accessible externally mounted controls.

• Casing construction meets SMACNA standards and provides excellent strength and rigidity. Thoroughly sealed to prevent air leakage

• NEMA 1 enclosure control box for control mounting.

• Damper edge is sealed with foam gasket to prevent air leakage. The damper shaft is made of solid G.I rotating in low friction, self lubricating permanently impregnated brass bearings.

• Ductmate flanges on all four sides of rectangular discharge as standard and optional “S” drive duct connection also available. Inlet connection bead offers a means for secure flexduct connections.

• Sturdy construction and low noise generating capacity to obtain required NC without compromising performance. Manufactured to ensure long and maintenance free service.

• On/Off modulating DC controls 0 to 10 V having options of state of the art DDC controls within built BACnet for BMS compatibility. Belimo / KMC controls / Neptronic or controllers of customers choice available.

.• Acoustic infill media is of superior quality & fire rated meeting the requirement of BS476 standards part 4-6 & 7 ;also classified as non combustible material (A1) according to the European standard CSNEN 13501-1. It has excellent sound absorption characteristics with an additional qualification of being biologically inert.